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A little better

I gained a little weight. Which is good. I'm still not at the weight I want.. but I think I weigh like 98 maybe 100 :)) better than 90 haha. So I'm getting sorta getting somewhere..

up to date

I haven't been on this site in a pretty long time. I stopped getting on. But as soon as I logged in today, I was happy I did haha. And I did kind of miss it, along with some friends on here. Idk, I may start getting on more. We'll see :)but as for me being happier.. nothing has changed.

I hope i get to be happy 1 day

I hung out with a friend today. And because of my insecurity.. i was sad the whole time. i didnt say anything though :( she is just a lot prettier than me and has that thing i desire most in life.. boobs. and she always wears low cut shirts.. so that doesnt help. i feel bad. but i cant help it. I really dont know how much more of this i can take. i feel like i have been broken a bunch of times already! but like i said im alive because of my friends, boyfriend, and sis (mainly boyfriend) not me. Honestly.. if i did not have them, i most likely wouldn't be here. But just because i am unhappy doesnt give me the right to take there happiness away. I hope to god 1 day i will get boobs so i can finally be happy. I know its a small thing. But this small thing is taking over and ruining my life! so to some it may seem a bit silly or not important. But to me, it means so much.. it means my happiness

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